QQ 2011 on BlackBerry Z10 with vnBB sideloading

It’s great that the Z10 has BBM but I couldn’t seem to find the QQ I was looking for in AppWorld, hence I sideloaded the QQ 2011 and weibo version 4.0.

Usage: Download vnBB and install it. Open you’re Z10, Settings-> Development Mode set to On, Connect to WiFi and write down the IP address which can be found under Settings-> Wifi -> Internet Connection Dropdown menu.

Use vnBB to connect to the Z10 via Wireless and drag and drop the *.bar files and press install.

Get a cup of coffee and enjoy sideloading :D

Download Links: Size

QQ 2011.bar 4053309

Weibo v4.bar 5170801

vnBB.exe 1708107

Studying for Exam

It’s quite ironic that I was studying law and somehow ended up on a webai.org/blog/user-agent-string-history/ and the part that caught my attention was “the user agent string was a complete mess, and near useless, and everyone pretended to be everyone else, and confusion abounded.”

Life should just be Mozilla/5.0 and end of that :D

Tweak to my Laptop

I got frustrated at the slowness of my SSD enabled laptop so I did some more tweak, install Acrylic DNS Proxy (This will generally speed up couple milisecond to several second for DNS lookup) THEY ADD UP, trust me.
If you have tons of RAM available, Install RamDisk (For AMD) all other, and then in cmd, find firefox.exe -ProfileManager and created a new profile in the harddrive that utilize the memory space. And the result is awesome!

If you’re extreme, follow the step of supercharging you’re firefox and make it go into you’re memory. http://www.wikihow.com/Speed-Up-Firefox-by-Running-It-In-RAM


Drag and Drop to Login

We all love websites but hated the feature/mandatory punishment of logging in with username and password. The solution would be drag and drop, the server generates a OpenSSH private/public key and allows the user to download the private key and the server retains the public key.  The user will then save the private key somewhere safe, hint hint (Not Public computers) but rather USB flash drives.  The system could possibly attempt to read the external drives of a computer by default and attempt to detect the file based on extension or filename.

Initial Design example of drag and drop is shown in http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/file/dndfiles/

Multisite XMLRPC.PHP and WordPress 3.5.1

I don’t know if it’s my multisite setup with various of plugins that just bogged the xmlrpc.php into malfunction but apparently Word 2013 and Windows Live Writer 2012 couldn’t connect to xmlrpc.php via http://littlebearz.com/xmlrpc.php

I’ll look into this problem when I have more time but it’s rather intriguing as how to distinguish various of sites within the system.

Copy Files With Specific Extension while Retaining folder structure

Copy Files With Specific Extension while Retaining folder structure

@echo off
for %%p in (SOURCE_DIR DEST_DIR FILENAMES_TO_COPY) do set %%p=
echo :: Copy Files Including Folder Tree
echo :: http://stackoverflow.com
rem     /questions/472692/how-to-copy
rem     -a-directory-structure-but-only
rem     -include-certain-files-using-windows
echo :: ReScripted by r4k4
if “%1″==”” goto :NoParam
if “%2″==”” goto :NoParam
if “%3″==”” goto :NoParam
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
set DEST_DIR=%2
if exist “%%F” (
set FILE_DIR=%%~dpF
goto :eof
echo Syntax: %0 [Source_DIR] [Dest_DIR] [FileName]
echo Eg.   : %0 D:Root E:RootLev1Lev2Lev3 *.JPG
echo Means : Copy *.JPG from D:Root to E:RootLev1Lev2Lev3